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MobCatcher is Back!

0wningYou posted Wed at 15:28

I'm glad to let everyone know that MobCatcher has been updated and is back! EmeraldVIPs can now catch Polar Bears. Be careful though, they may attack if you hit them!

Polar Bear spawn eggs are also now being sold at /warp market for $100.

KitraMoonstar Woo Hoo! Does that mean we can disguise again? (please pretty please) As for Polar Bears; >.> *makes note ...

Server Updated to 1.10

0wningYou posted Jun 12, 16

The server has been updated to Minecraft 1.10!

MobCatcher is not working with the new update, again. I have contacted the dev about the issue.

Minecraft 1.10 is out!  What does this mean for CathalCraft?

1. There will be no resets of the nether or end.

2. There will be no new map as of yet.

3. We will update our server within about a week from this post.  We need to test it against all of our plugins before we can make it live.

The new blocks and new mobs should be available once we update.

If you are having trouble connecting before we update, please 'Edit Profile' when you open up your Minecraft Launcher, and for "Use Version" choose "release 1.9.4", then click "Save Profile".  You can change this back once we update.

Please let the staff know if you have any questions.


Happy Easter, everyone!

Rachel posted Mar 27, 16

Join us at 3 pm PST on easter sunday for a massive egg hunt! 10 nether stars, over 100 diamonds, enchanted books and more will be scattered around for you all to find at /warp EasterIsland! Hope to see you all there!


Egg hunt went great, congratulations to the people who found one or more of the 10 diamond eggs! I hope you all had fun!

xandermehan It was awesome! I found 2 diamond eggs! Thanks so much Rachel

All in-game money and XP levels are 50% off in the CathalCraft Shop until Thursday. After Thursday, they will be permanently removed from being able to be purchased in the shop. Get them while you can!

Shop Link:

Speedie I think that 0wn could be removing these because they don't sell much cause who ever buys xp or in game money peopl...
Myowlathotep I'm pretty sure 0wn has been planning on doing this for a while. Being able to purchase money can do things to the ...
xLegick this does get me wondering if Microsoft / Mojang is behind the controversial notion that they are cracking down on serve...
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