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1.8 Vanilla Server

0wningYou posted Sep 25, 14
The CathalCraft Towny server may take a few months before it can be updated to 1.8 due to the recent issues with Bukkit. There is no ETA for when it will be updated.

The good news is that I set up a 1.8 vanilla server. This is a separate server from the main server, and it is purely vanilla. This means there are no plugins, no ranks, and no grief protection or grief logs. The rules are simple: no spamming, no advertising, griefing is not advised, and build far away (to prevent getting griefed). It is still possible to get banned for griefing if the player is caught on the spot. I will keep the server up as long as at least one person plays on it every so often, so it will be up for a long time.

The IP is
rivvi so whats to happen to this server once bukkit comes out for 1.8. will you keep it going and perhaps add some protection ...
architectRIP so... it's gone now?
Daguman There's a 1.8.1 vanilla Server update out! That fixes most of the issues that i'm noticing on your current 1.8 Vanilla S ...
CathalCraft has been updated to allow 1.7 - 1.8 clients to connect. The server is still running 1.7 and no features from 1.8 are on the server as of right now.

Disguises are currently not working.
Daguman I was on the 1.8 server earlier today and I was by myself, but it was lagging like crazy! I was on yesterday with 3 othe ...
Poop-Eater 3 Million Hi, sad about the disguises
becczila really excited but i need to know if any staff read my ban appeal i really want to go back on cathal and check it out
When the 1.8 update is released (not sure when) it will take time for Bukkit and plugin developers to update to 1.8 as well, so CathalCraft Towny will take an undetermined amount of time to update after 1.8 is released.

That being said, when CathalCraft Towny does update, ONLY the Nether and End worlds will be reset. The old 1.6 world, viewable on Dynmap, will also be deleted. If there are big or complex builds built on the 1.6 world, I will take a look at them and move them to a newly generated 1.8 world after the update. The portals on the World Portals island st spawn will link up to the new 1.8 world. All ranks, items, money, and so on will not be deleted or reset. Items will be able to be moved to the 1.8 world.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to post it in the comment section below.
spongedavid5 How Do I get to 1.7 world?
natalee27 So we can just fill our inventory take it to 1.8 and put it in a chest, go back to 1.7 and fill our inventory again etc ...
Scidoosh I just read an article from Bukkit founder that they will not upgrade to 1.8 and are shutting the project down. Are the ...
The Towny server has been updated to 1.7.9. This update contains many bug fixes and further preparation for the UUID changes Mojang is implementing. It is recommended to update your Minecraft to the latest version, at least 1.7.9, to get the latest bug fixes and be able to properly see the heads on the server. Edit your profile on the Minecraft launcher and select the latest version of Minecraft.

If you encounter any issues, send 0wningYou a message here.
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