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MobCatcher is Back!

0wningYou posted Feb 22, 15

I'm glad to announce that MobCatcher is back! For those of you who do not know what MobCatcher is, it is a plugin that allows players to throw eggs at non-hostile mobs to turn them into spawn eggs. It costs 10 redstone to catch a mob. For Settlers+, visit /warp ranks to view what mobs you can catch. For VIPs, visit the CathalCraft Shop here on the site to view which ranks can catch different mobs.

Don't forgot to use MobCatcher signs to protect your animals! More information on how to make them at /warp protect.


In other news, if you try to make a ChestShop and it is not working, try leaving the first line blank so that it auto-fills in your username after placing the sign. Some Macs have issues when making ChestShops because they insert weird characters into the sign. If you have a Mac, try hitting backspace a few times before typing on a line. If the shop still is not working, try a different computer.

ilovedrwho This is nice! I have been trying it out, its fun. Just ran out of redstone. Off to find more.
Wouto_ @ CathalCraft Towny
Finally! So glad it's back.


Due to the nature of plugins and mojang, some of our plugins access your data using your in game name and not your game userid. 

If you go ahead with a name change you will lose all access to your PStones. If you are a member of a town, you will find yourself no longer a member. If you are a mayor, you will not be able to access your town and will lose access to your chests

If you still want to change your name, you are responsible for picking up all your PStones beforehand.

We are attempting to fix this.

(Update: Chests sometimes work on 1.8 but not 1.7, and all PStones will have to be reclaimed)

If you experience any of these issues, please do the following:

1. Make a ticket detailing the amount you need fixed

2. Please be patient, only admins have chest and PStone access so it's going to take some time.

3. Please do not harass the staff; they are working the best they can.

Thank You.

SimplyRose I would like to specifically comment Rachel, Pentlock, and Cyclone for their prompt and helpful response on this issue. ...
derh3y *le sigh*

Server Updated to 1.8

0wningYou posted Dec 29, 14
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday break!

The server has been updated to Minecraft version 1.8, so be sure to update your clients to the latest version. As explained before, a new world for 1.8 has been added. The world portals at spawn link up to this world, and the only ways to get to the old 1.7 world are by sethomes, portals, or warps. The 1.7 world will not be reset and all items can be transferred between the worlds.

Make sure to collect your stuff that you want to keep from the Nether and End world because they will be reset in a few days. Only take the things that belong to you.

The old 1.6 world will be deleted. If you have a "big" or detailed build that you would like to be moved from the 1.6 world to the 1.8 world, please Click Here more information. I will only be moving builds from the 1.6 world to the 1.8 world.

Disguises have been added back for VIPs. EmeraldVIPs can now disguise as a Rabbit and ObsidianVIPs can disguise as an Endermite and a Guardian.

MobCatcher, the plugin used to allow the egging of mobs, has been disabled due it not being updated to support 1.8. All mob spawn eggs will now spawn a random type of the corresponding mob if used. For example, if you have a black horse egg and use it, a random type of horse will be spawned instead of the black horse. I do not know when the plugin will be updated, so please voice your concerns on the plugin's page Here.

If you encounter any bugs or glitches, please notify 0wningYou or a staff member as soon as possible.
SimplyRose Welllll, I've seriously been looking into some stuff and some things with egging. Try this: <<size 24px>>Mo ...
captorvating You probably already know this but spleef does not work, any idea when it will work again?
Woltox any date for the removal of 1.6 world? do we got time to build on the 1.8 world before rush moving stuff?
Gobble Gobble... I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a glorious feast! Thanksgiving is time of being thankful, and I am thankful for everyone who plays on CathalCraft and enjoy looking at everyone's builds.

As you all may know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in which many stores have discounts on their items. To celebrate this years Thanksgiving and Black Friday, everything in the CathalCraft shop is 15% off!

1.8 Vanilla Server

0wningYou posted Sep 25, 14
The CathalCraft Towny server may take a few months before it can be updated to 1.8 due to the recent issues with Bukkit. There is no ETA for when it will be updated.

The good news is that I set up a 1.8 vanilla server. This is a separate server from the main server, and it is purely vanilla. This means there are no plugins, no ranks, and no grief protection or grief logs. The rules are simple: no spamming, no advertising, griefing is not advised, and build far away (to prevent getting griefed). It is still possible to get banned for griefing if the player is caught on the spot. I will keep the server up as long as at least one person plays on it every so often, so it will be up for a long time.

The IP is
Daguman Hey LWC protection for the chests has been updated for 1.8.2 Servers, why not update this server? Along with essentials ...
rivvi so whats to happen to this server once bukkit comes out for 1.8. will you keep it going and perhaps add some protection ...
architectRIP so... it's gone now?
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