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New Plugin: Chairs!

0wningYou posted Sep 6, 15

With Chairs, you are able to right-click on stairs and sit on them. You have to be at most two blocks away from the stair to sit on it, and there must not be more than three connected stairs.

If you would like to disable sitting on stairs when you right-click them, you can type /chairs off to disable it, and /chairs on to re-enable it.

PeriwinklePetals @ CathalCraft Tow...
You should add a pinging pluggin thingy next xD so when ppl say petals i get a ping and cant ignore them as easily xD
MzVelvet Lawl - that is awesome and just makes me giggle ...
Props2yousir Hey 0wn I got one question, WHAT'RE THOOOOOSE?

It has been noticed that new players who join the server are getting spammed with town invite messages and personal messages to join a town. This spam can cause the player to get annoyed and leave the server.

Do not add players who are still in the tutorial to towns, and do not message them to join a town. You can check if a player is still in the tutorial by typing /elist. If the players is listed next to the "new" rank, they are still in the tutorial.

Inviting or messaging new players in the tutorial about towns may result in a ban.

PeriwinklePetals @ CathalCraft Tow...
Yay! ...

The judging is done, and the winners have been chosen!

First Place: ihartcandy's Classic Car
Second Place: Props2yousir's Women with Rich Husbands-mobile
Third Place: The_Frog_Kermit's Tank

Top 10 list:

  1. ihartcandy - 5k in-game money
  2. Props2yousir - 3k in-game money
  3. The_Frog_Kermit - 1k in-game money
  4. ghtthg
  5. mgrjgr
  6. littleblue20
  7. Cookies_N_Gamin
  8. Jaxonx123
  9. OwlSeeYou
  10. Zane_Beatty

Congratulations to the winners! I would like to thank everyone who participated in the build contest.

MzVelvet Big gratzatooie to all you guys! Sorry I missed it ...
Cyclone11 I can't believe I won. I had a great car.
Speedie gratz guys

Car Build Contest

0wningYou posted Aug 2, 15
Start Date: August 7, 2015
End Date: August 9, 2015@ 11:59 PM Eastern Time
Theme: Road Vehicle
Location: /warp CarContest

  • You may only use one parking space.
  • You cannot build on or over the white lines or sandstone.
  • The vehicle cannot extend past the end of the parking space. (signs, paintings, and item frames are allowed)
  • Do not touch other peoples' vehicles.

  • First Place will receive 5k in-game money.
  • Second Place will receive 3k in-game money.
  • Third Place will receive 1k in-game money.

The vehicles will be judged based on a 10 point system. The judges' scores will be averaged to determine the winners.

  • 0wningYou
  • Cyclone11
  • FenixFire613

Click Here for the discussion thread.

Speedie 0o intressting

All you have to do to participate in this contest is vote as much as possible for the month of August. You can type /vote in-game for links to the voting websites.

The person with the most votes will receive GoldVIP if they are non-VIP, or $12,000 in-game if they are VIP.
The second with the most votes will receive IronVIP if they are non-VIP, or $5,000 in-game if they are VIP.
The third with the most votes will receive $2,000 in-game.

If you do not know how to vote or are having problems voting, visit the voting page on our website:

CathalCraft is not held responsible if there is an error while voting. Votes not registering will not be reimbursed.
If there is a tie, I will use to pick the winner.

Click Here for the discussion thread.

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