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Rachel posted 9 hours ago

As some of you have noticed, we've been spotlighted on recently! Thank you to the amazing Sacheverell for ranking us as Number two on his server spotlight video! If this video or post helped you find us, welcome to Cathalcraft! We hope you enjoy our friendly community and all the amazing builds we have on our server thanks to the incredible people who play here. :)

In case you haven't seen Sach's awesome video, watch it here:

Recently, player heads belonging to banned players have been collected from around the server and will be auctioned off on Tuesday at 7PM Eastern Time. The auction will be held at the Derp University football field located at /warp football. Chests will be set up at the football field with all the heads being auctioned off, and players will be able to view which player heads are being auctioned off. 

Hope to see everyone at the event!

Rachel What a fun time!
Crystal_Point This Sounds Like A Cool Idea! Getting Player Heads And Auctioning Them Will Me Nice I Saw Rach Donated Heads And My Head...

Happy New Year, CathalCraft!  Everyone is coming up with New Year's resolutions, so we will, too. Our goal is to become more active on Twitter, as the last post was made back in September, so we will be doing giveaways all week to begin the New Year! Make sure you are following us to receive coordinates for gift chests placed randomly around the map. The coordinates will lead to the general location of the chest, and a chest will be revealed each day for the first week of 2016.

Click here to visit our Twitter.


When we reach 75 followers, we will have a large give away! We will randomly choose five followers for the winners. The winners must have been active in the past 20 days from the drawing date or they will be skipped.

The prizes include:

  • 3 beacons
  • 1 of the new large protection stones
  • 1 Dragon Head

Aside from giveaways, Twitter will be used for server news regarding contests, server updates, and plugin information. 

Happy Tweeting!

Musicgirl I love this idea, and I found it! PS stone won't let me open it though!

As many may have noticed, the CathalCraft economy has started to drift out of a healthy range of operation. In order to help correct the drift, we are making several changes to the economy.

The following will take effect in three days and are subject to change:

- The daily tax towns pay to the server will be increased from $2 to $4 per plot
- The price a town pays to add a plot to the town will be increased from $300 to $350

- Each voting site will reward 1 diamond.
- Each voting site will reward $66.
- Exp rewards will remain the same.

Protection Stones
- We will be adding an additional type of PS that will cover a larger area, for a greater price. The new protection stone will be an End Portal Frame and will protect an 85x85x85 area. The price will be $7500 per stone.

Chest Shops
- Adding a sign to a chest to create a chest shop will now cost $1.

Starting Money
- When new players join the server, their starting balance will be increased to $125.

Mob Money
- Monitary rewards for killing mobs will be reduced by 15%.

In other news, a new town member rank has been added: HeadAssistant. HeadAssistants are able to used the /towny top command, promote town members to Assistant/Helper, and withdraw money from the town.

Please be very careful when promoting a member to HeadAssistant, as they can promote other members to Assistant, which can grief the town, or they can withdraw money from the town bank. This rank was made to be a role to assist the mayor when the mayor is unavailable.

FenixFire All changes have now been implemented. Please contact 0wn or myself if there are any issues. TY!
Wouto_ @ CathalCraft Towny
sounds like an exciting future. hope it stabilizes the economy in the future.
seventy_6 Guess I'm raising taxes lol

Gobble Gobble... I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a glorious feast! Thanksgiving is a time of being thankful, and I am thankful for everyone who plays on CathalCraft and I enjoy looking at everyone's builds.

As you all may know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in which many stores have discounts on their items. To celebrate this years Thanksgiving and Black Friday, everything in the CathalCraft shop is 15% off until Monday!

Fuzzyred123 Great Sale Now Have Diamond VIP and money
Rachel All hail the sale!
Honeybee94 own, u r da best. i now have Diamond VIP for just £9.95 TY!!!!
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