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Status updated 5 mins ago
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Server News

Server Currently Being Moved

0wningYou Admin posted 5 hours ago
The server is currently being moved to another host. I have set up a temporary vanilla server for everyone to play on while the main server is being moved. Just simply try to connect like you normally would to the main server to join the temporary server. (If you cannot connect to the temporary server then your DNS servers have not updated yet)

There are no rules on the temporary server, but please try to keep your composure and be nice.

There is no ETA on when the main server will be back up, but it should be up later tonight if everything goes well.
UNLIKELIESTHER0 o Well so much for composure. Im glad within 5 minutes of being in the "no rules" temp server i saw how everyone ...
TylerGGeorge No! Now I have to play single player and that is lagging me.

Crashes, Lag, and Inventory Wipes

0wningYou Admin posted Sun at 14:27
We are aware of the issues going on with the server. The current host becomes unstable when there is a large volume of players online, causing lag and crashes. Some of the crashes result in players losing their inventories. We are unable to replace the lost inventories because the items that were lost are not logged and players can lie about what items they had lost.

I am currently setting up a faster and more stable host to move the server to. The new host will eliminate the crashes and provide a smoother gameplay experience. If everything goes as planned, the server will be moved this week. The server will be down for about eight to fourteen hours while it is being moved.

The server player limit has been reduced to 60 to lessen the load on the server until it is moved.

Thank you for your patience.
luda3 Will you Restart the Map ? ...
kittycatrainbow Even though it may take a while to move to a different host, I'm glad that it is happening. I can survive about a day o ...
britton_rocks I'm really glad the server is being moved so it will be faster but, I'm really upset that I will not be able to play for ...

Derp University

SmellyTP Mod posted Apr 6, 14
Some of the seasoned or adventurous users of CathalCraft may be aware, but CathalCraft provides 100% free education for all users! No Tuition, Room And Board, or silly fees that other universities offer. Although Derp University has no opportunities to earn any sort of degree, it is an excellent place to go if you are looking to build like a professional.

All jokes aside, Derp University is a fantastic place to check out if you desire more knowledge on building. While practice in building is the most important thing, the University offers tips and techniques to keep you ahead of the curve.

Derp University can be located through a portal in the main spawn on the bridge towards the world portals, or the creative world spawn. After entering the portal, you will arrive in Madness Hall, which serves as the admissions office. In Madness Hall you can learn a little about the history and how the education system works. You may choose to warp directly to the classrooms, or explore the entire campus.

The Derp University campus features many other buildings such as:
  • Derp Offices
  • Derp-Smelly Field
  • Smelly Building
  • Derp Coliseum
  • Waterslide
Every building is surrounded by expert landscaping and beautiful artwork. Everything is worth checking out, because it is pretty awesome.

The main constructors, engineers, and architects are:
  • thisismadness
  • SmellyTP
  • 0wningYou
  • Fuzz_Pucker
  • deadcore1

Thank you for your time.
Happy learning!

Here is a night time view of Madness Hall!

Madness Hall

Creative World

0wningYou Admin posted Mar 25, 14
Feeling creative? Then try out our new creative world! Type /warp creative to teleport to the creative spawn created by Ratchatter, smithx7000, 0wningYou, and nike29O.

After months of planning, a creative world has finally been added to CathalCraft. Players who are ranked Settler or higher, including VIPs, are able to build whatever their creative minds can think of in the vast flatland. Players ranked below Settler are still able to access and fly around the creative world, but they are not able to edit any blocks or objects. The world consists of 1 layer of Grass, 3 layers of Dirt, 20 layers of Stones, and 1 layer of Bedrock. A new PS, Protection Stone, has been added which only works in the creative world. TNT will now protect 25 blocks from the center of where it is placed. The sponge PS is disabled in creative. There are also limits on how many PSs players can place in the creative world: Settler to Veteran is allowed 9 PSs, IronVIP and GoldVIP are allowed 16 PSs, and EmeraldVIP to ObsidianVIP is allowed 25 PSs.

The sethome limit for Veteran, Duke, IronVIP, and GoldVIP has been raised by one to allow those ranks to set a home in the creative world if they have already maxed out their previous sethome limit.

-    All regular /rules are still in effect
-    Do not build within 50 blocks of others players without their permission
-    Do not annoy other builders
-    Do not build lag machines
-    Do not build offensive builds
-    Minecarts and boats are not allowed (cause lag)

britton_rocks Ace, because your too awesome for it ...
AceOfSpades0514 Why does everything good come out at a time that I can't join XD
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