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Happy Easter, everyone!

Rachel posted Mar 27, 16

Join us at 3 pm PST on easter sunday for a massive egg hunt! 10 nether stars, over 100 diamonds, enchanted books and more will be scattered around for you all to find at /warp EasterIsland! Hope to see you all there!


Egg hunt went great, congratulations to the people who found one or more of the 10 diamond eggs! I hope you all had fun!

xandermehan It was awesome! I found 2 diamond eggs! Thanks so much Rachel

All in-game money and XP levels are 50% off in the CathalCraft Shop until Thursday. After Thursday, they will be permanently removed from being able to be purchased in the shop. Get them while you can!

Shop Link:

Speedie I think that 0wn could be removing these because they don't sell much cause who ever buys xp or in game money peopl...
Myowlathotep @ CathalCraft Towny
I'm pretty sure 0wn has been planning on doing this for a while. Being able to purchase money can do things to the ...
xLegick this does get me wondering if Microsoft / Mojang is behind the controversial notion that they are cracking down on serve...

New 1.9 Map Released!

0wningYou posted Mar 7, 16

New 1.9 Map:

The new 1.9 map has finally been released! The 1.9 map is now accessable from the World Portals at spawn located at /warp wportals, or by teleporting to the map via a portal a player has made, or by teleporting to a player already in the new map. The old 1.7 and 1.8 maps will not be deleted, and builds from these maps will not be moved to the 1.9 map. The new 1.9 map is 16k x 16k in size. A Dynmap for the map will be made soon.

The Nether and End have been wiped, and a fresh Nether and End have been made.

New rules for claiming areas:

1. You are no longer allowed to use more than 9 sponges per rare biome (Ice Spikes, Flower Forest, Mushroom Island, Mesa, etc.). Going past this limit will incur the penalty of losing all your sponges in that biome and getting tempbanned.  No end portal frame protection stones will be allowed in rare biomes.

2. For the time being, you are not allowed to claim more than 2 of each rare structure (Water Monuments, Witch Huts, End Cities, etc.) on the 1.9 maps. If you use an alt to claim more than your share, you will lose the sponges and be tempbanned.   No rampant looting or destroying/harvesting rare structures that you didn't claim.  This will also result in a tempban.

3. End Portal rooms will not be claimable, nor will the main End island.

*UPDATE* For clarification sake, to be clear: In rare biomes, you can't claim an area then just mine around in the unclaimed area.  Please don't ruin it for other players.

*Update* You might experience some lag.  This is because the new maps are generating.

After lots of hard work, we have finally upgraded to Minecraft 1.9!

Some Cathal-related changes:

1. Most of our plugins have been upgraded to 1.9 compatible versions.  Some plugins are not working as of yet, but will be upgraded as new versions are released.  The only important (but non-critical) plugins that aren't 1.9 yet are the egging of mobs and disguising. If you use a mob spawn egg, it will behave like a vanilla spawn egg, and spawn a random mob type (such as a previously egged white horse may spawn as a brown horse). 

2. We have a new map for 1.9, we reset the nether, and we reset the end.  These maps will be released later this week, and added to our Dynmap.

3. You'll notice some new commands and features.  We'll release some documentation on how to use those later.

Lucy Heartfilia Ok Well This Is A Nice Change, Ive Been Waiting For this!
Aarno5 Finally!!
Wildbreath I have a question though My entire area is in an Ice spike biome but does that mean i can't claim anymore or that I...

*UPDATE* Important note: If you try to connect to CathalCraft and you get an error to the tune of "Kicked whilst connecting to Towny." you'll need to change the version of your Minecraft to 1.8.9 before you connect.  You can find instructions on how to do this here.

Today, Minecraft 1.9 was finally released! Here is how this affects CathalCraft.

Firstly, a new Vanilla server for MC 1.9 has been made for everyone to play on. This server has the same rules as every other CC server, so don't go griefing, saying bad things in chat, etc. The IP to connect to the Vanilla 1.9 server is:

Next, when will the Towny server be upgraded? What will happen?

1. We may or may not getting a new map yet.  If we do get a new map, 1.7 map will NOT be deleted.

2. Before we can upgrade our main server, our server software and all the major plugins we use (Towny, ChestShop, etc.) need to be upgraded to 1.9 compatibility. Then we need to test. Once everything passes our tests, we will upgrade. We will keep everyone periodically updated on the progress, though please understand that the speed of this happening is not under our control. It is up to the developers of the plugins.

Next, will the End be reset? Definitely. Will the Nether be reset? Yes.

Lastly, an important note. We are imposing a limit on the claiming of rare biomes and rare structures. There will be a TBA amount of sponges you will be able to use per rare biome. Going past this limit will inclur the penalty of losing all your sponges in that biome and getting tempbanned. No end portal frames will be allowed. Yes, this includes the new End structures. No, this does not include nether fortressess.

Disclaimer: Some items in this post might change over the next few days.  Keep an eye out for edits!

The_Pock OK, nice to know, I'll see you lot on the new 1.9 server then lol. I'm to lazy to change it or 1.8.9 or whatev...
Lucy Heartfilia Im soo exited for this update i have been wondering for 2 months when this will come out!
Aarno5 Will we be able to buy Elytras from the cathalcraft shop or is the first person to get to the Elytra the only person tha...
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