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Hey guys! Now that labor day weekend is over, that means my favorite season is coming... fall! Let's celebrate in style with a few official Cathal contests and events! Keep an eye on the front page over the next few weeks for contest details, dates, and rules. The longest running of the contests will be a build contest, because we are so lucky to have so many talented and driven builders on our server! The theme will be an exciting one: Haunted Houses! So go ahead and start dreaming of spooky hallways and jumpscares, and may the best builder win! More details to come. :)

Powerman2442 I'm pretty excited about these upcoming events! Not sure if I want to eat Candy, MzVelvet. :d
MoonwolfGam3r @ CathalCraft Towny
I'll also add, although it's not till next month, I'll be personally hosting a Halloween-themed event at ...
MzVelvet Ghosts and Goblins, Creepers Galore... Moaning Zombies at your door...Black cats and Witches start to take flight, Jack-...

Announcement #1: Purchase a Public Warp!

Public Warps: $8,000 In-Game

  • Admins handling the request have the right to approve or deny any request for a public warp.
  • Must be EmeraldVIP or higher to request the warp.
  • A maximum of two public warps per person (not per Minecraft character, per person)
  • If the public warp owner becomes inactive for more than 6 months, the public warp is deleted, the name becomes available to anyone, no refunds, even if the person returns and wants the warp again.
  • The name of the warp must not be able to be confused with a server-run activity/area. For example, /warp shop, /warp games, /warp hub, /warp spawn can all mislead users into thinking that the area they are in represents the server, not an individual player or players.
  • The name of the warp must abide by chat filter rules, as well as anti-harassment rules.
  • If a warp name needs to be changed, or ownership transferred to another person, a $3000 charge will be assessed.
  • If you are going to have a warp lead to a town or shop, that town or shop needs to have a portal in pshops or town portals at spawn first.
  • To request a warp: Set the warp, then make a /ticket with the request specifying the warp name. When a HeadAdmin is online, we can accept payment and make it public for you.

Announcement #2: No More Fake Towns!
Towns are to be used as…. towns. Recruit residents, promote staff, charge taxes, build awesome houses. With the advent of public warps, there is no longer the need to create a fake town and worry about its upkeep.

All current towns that are used for shops will be deleted (and refunded to the town owner). The owners will be notified ahead of time. To help non-VIPs get to those areas, please purchase a public warp. Any new towns that are created that aren’t used for active town purposes will be deleted, no refunds.

Announcement #3: Intellectual Property Rights
Several users have complained that banners, heads, buildings, etc. that they have been created are being sold by other people without their permission. If you’d like to sell something that was either created by someone else, or represents a town/shop on the server, the creator/owner needs to give permission first. Screenshots should be taken of the permission in case problems arise. If there are no screenshots, not much leniency can be granted.

Announcement #4: Misleading Warps, etc.
Some users have created warps/towns with names that might be construed as a server-run warp/town. While we understand that this wasn’t done maliciously, we reserve the right to reclaim/rename warps that we feel might be misleading or confusing to new users. For example, if you pointed /warp servershop to your shop, people might think that your shop is the official server shop.

Announcement #5: Reminder About Grief
As is always the case, no matter how simple the rule is, there continues to be confusion on what it defined by ‘griefing’. Here is the essence:

  1. Ask yourself, “Did I put this here?” If the answer is no, it is grief. (Of course, naturally occurring blocks generated by the server in the wilderness, not near someone else’s build is fair game).
  2. Ask yourself, “Is the place that I’m about to put this block on my place?” If the answer is no, it is grief. If you received permission (and have a screenshot of said permission), or you are added to the PS stone, that is okay.
  3. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m building going to be against the server rules, or be really offensive to people?” If the answer is yes, then it is grief. Let’s all try and be mature CathalCraftians.

Remember, we are all here to have fun. Please don’t detract from other people’s experience.

Thank you all, and enjoy gaming!

Javenger99 Just to make sure I understand, all $5,000 that was used to make my town will be refunded?

Due to multiple requests, we’ve decided to provide a limited WorldEdit/Command-Block service through the ticketing system.  Simply make a descriptive ticket at the desired location, and as long as it meets with our policies and gets approved by a HeadAdmin, we will perform the task!

Please read our policies and prices outlined here.

CathalPoints are now fully implemented on the server. You will receive 5 CathalPoints for each vote, so make sure you vote everyday! The 3rd voting site allows you to vote once every 12 hours, allowing you to vote a total of 4 times a day with the other two voting sites. You can also vote offline and still receive the points and money rewards.

CathalPoints can be traded for VIP ranks at

You can view your CathalPoints by typing /e points, or by visiting your profile on our website.

Other changes:

  • MobCatcher sign protection regions were reset. Mobs are automatically protected inside a Protection Stone region, without needing a MobCatcher sign. If you still want to use your previous MobCatcher signs, all you need to do is replace them.

Disguises Are Back!

0wningYou posted Jul 11, 16

Disguises are finally back! With this new disguise plugin, you can now see yourself as your disguise. If the disguise ever gets in the way of your view, you can toggle your view of it off by typing /dvs. The VIP disguise lists in the server shop have been updated with the new disguises.

Other changes: 

  • Attack cooldowns have been removed, so you can now attack mobs faster without waiting for your weapon to recharge.
  • Spleef is back at /warp games.
  • Haden is working on a new Bow Spleef arena.
Myowlathotep 0wn, I noticed changes in the mobcatcher, so now animals are protected by ps. Does this mean the old mobcatcher signs no...
Gafrian Nice! So glad /d is finally back!
Powerman2442 Shweeeeet!
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